4-12-16 H


Please love me
Please comfort me
Please protect me

Please accept me

The refrain we sang 

The lullaby we crooned


I-to-you, my first love song

As soon as I was old enough to speak

Oldest daughter of an alcoholic-union


It’s not so simple you see

To sever                                    the birth chord
The emotional viscera that ties me-to-you
For so long wewereentangled
The space between youratomsandmine
I could not measure by eye
You could not feel sadness
Or joy
Without my heart responding in kind
Childtomother invisibly bound


Shared membrane                   strained
By time and                              distance 
Serrated disappointments
Amputated our bond

I feel you still
A ghost appendage 
Unwilling host
To your real or imagined

4-12-16 H


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