Mermaid Out of Water

A sylphine little naiad Found herself upon the land. Why her pond was now a desert She just could not comprehend. She had never dealt in plastic, Neither purchased nor used gas. She had  no use for electric Being an aquatic lass. Greenhouse gases were a mystery. Climate change had been unknown. Till rising temperatures […]

Toiling in Blame

Ah the bracken, I am shaken, To my tender, creamy core. Oh this thicket, Where’s my ticket To your softer, saline shore? I push forward, Always shore-ward. I know I may sustain some scratches. Scalpel glances could by chance lance my viscera through patches. I’m a beggar. Lift a finger, Or drop a weighty crumb. Ease […]

What Happens in the Corner Cupboard

Eclectic clutter, Quirky knick knacks Clamoring quietly in close quarters. Heathcliff rants rhetorically against the sunny outlook of James Herriot. Tiffany finds the adventures of the Pevensie children patently stupid but holds her tongue. Thesaurus sleeps and drools synonyms into books below, An alliterative leak Pooling into the frustrated French dictionary who whines nasally at the […]

Blessed Unborn

Last winter I walked with my mother. There were cracks in my marriage or at least in my heart. I was staying with my sister five hours away from the epicenter of my pain.   We moved slowly, my mother and I, bound in boots and cumbersome coats. I described my discomfort through a magnifying glass, enlarging details while […]

Found Peach

One muggy evening in early August while navigating my familiar four-mile loop I shopped for trees I might later purchase to plant in my cottage garden. I ran a steady 8 minute mile while my gaze was tangled dangerously in the variegated canopy shading the uneven sidewalk. On previous adventures this has resulted in sprained ankles. Some […]

Pins & Petals

My childhood inside my palm Is pins and petals mixed. There is sweetness in the fragrance there As long as I am fixed. But should perchance I startle Move too quickly, lose control Those poignant points of memories Impale that tender sole. So I must strive for constant peace Maintain internal calm To not disturb […]

The Wilderness

The Wilderness I have been lost since I graduated college. Adult life has been a mystery to me. School made sense. Classes were laid out, routines were in place, expectations were clear. At the end of that road was an award of sorts, a degree. What I was going to do with it wasn’t really […]