I walked into a mouth…

It was – thick.

Hot, sure, but close feeling you know?

The temperature, although high, was magnified

Engorged by the soft pressure of water laden air.

The teeth were… bizarre. Have you ever looked

at the back of a tooth?

Too many people don’t floss enough.

I myself take oral hygiene quite seriously.

Floss is in nearly every room of my house. And my purse. And my car.

The tongue was spongy and terribly strange. Papillated meat.

Dense and bumpy with a definite nervous tremor

if I wandered too close to the epiglottis.

I felt the very real danger of being swallowed.

It suddenly occurred to me how uncommonly irresponsible it was

to enter this orifice so nonchalantly.

I took cautious and soggy steps to the tip of the tongue

where I sat, throwing my slimy legs over

the inner-tube of the lower lip.

I said to myself, thusly perched precariously,

“Tisn’t much different than an August afternoon in here if I’m entirely honest.”

13886343_10153847531911608_3848065703997169004_n (1)

HS 8-5-2016


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