Mythical Fish: 1 Year Ago

I need to write. My computer crawled through updates before allowing me to begin. Goddamn technology and its plodding fallibility that I should be bound to wait on electrons and connections by a machine. I need to document the mood and inspiration when it besets me. I need immediate release when the chemical landscape in my brain is […]

Witching Moon

A witching moon is out tonight. Its contours are blurred by fog. Its face is smudged with dark clouds like charcoal finger prints on paper.   Suggestive is the moist breath of the nearby river. It collects furtively in alleys, condenses on glass surfaces.   Reality has an oily quality. A boggy scent fills the streets. […]

An Evening Conversation With Myself About Nothing in Particular

An Evening Conversation With Myself About Nothing in Particular   Forewarning – I will not spellcheck most of this and certainly typos will abound. I don’t care – I just feel like talking/typing to capture the experience of this moment as I live it. I am writing now for the entertainment of following my own […]

This is why.

When I am tired, overworked, thoughts packed together like beans in a jar, sleep closes its door to me. I become someone else. Less patient, less gracious. My ability to perceive, to structure my responses is limited to instinctual instead of intentional.   This is why I choose a life of less in the conventional sense. […]