This is why.

When I am tired,


thoughts packed together like

beans in a jar,

sleep closes its door to me.

I become someone else.

Less patient, less gracious.

My ability to perceive,

to structure my responses

is limited to instinctual

instead of intentional.


This is why

I choose a life of less

in the conventional sense.

Less hours of work.

Less hours of thoughts devoted to outside things.


My darling love.

My handsome monkey man.

My winsome puppy funny guy.

My dapper gentleman.

Your generous hand

allows me to be generous in spirit.

I can offer you a full heart and a ready ear.


While I bathe my mind in unstructured minutes

so grows the contentment

in the garden of my soul.

From those vital flowers come

the fruit to nourish us both.

I have the strength to

hold your feet,

to maintain our land,

to wash and fold our laundry,

to paint our walls,

to braid words into poems,

to nurture myself,

to love you,

to be whole.


When I see questions

in the raised eyebrows of others

“Why don’t you work as I do?”

My fingers reach for yours

and I press our palms together

feeling the lovely callouses.

Their roughness is precious to me.

I kiss the darling, dark hairs

of your knuckles and smell

the sweetest musk of

your warm, salty skin.

I have the energy

to be present,

to value,

to taste,

to notice,

to love.

This is why.


Me & My Love (photo credit Tara Williams)


HS 9.13.2016




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