INTERNAL MECHANISMS   I’m not particularly afflicted with altruism. I’m mostly self-absorbed; A picky sponge greedily saturated with my own feelings and existence. When others leak their emotions near me I harden and shrink from the contamination.   You see, as a child, I was drenched in the perceptions and pain of others. So full […]

S.A.D. October

S.A.D.  October Before I found this platform, Facebook was where I put a lot of my poetry and some of my journals. Today when I opened my FB page I found a FB memory at the top of my feed that was a journal entry from one year ago today. It was startling familiar. My […]


Today I am a crow, onyx quills and hollow bones, beady eyes glistening in feral sockets, flashing from fetid heap to heap – a garbage grabber, reveling in rubbish, wrestling with the necrotic. Perhaps this is the reason for the schism within – an instinctual confusion, trapped between species, I’m limited by my log-like limbs, stuck in the wrong […]

Beneath the Stone

Depression is physical. I can’t out-think it. In a way  I have to surrender to its presence without submitting to it. I must forgive my mind for its detour from peace while  encouraging it to be present in its unease. I must exist without despair beneath the stone.     I am tender with myself […]

Peace I Sold For Bread

Shhhhhh… I’m looking for it. It’s in me somewhere. It has to be. I had a beat on it – I did. I found a way to move through the world gracefully. I found, by accident, a recipe for thinking. I found a filter  for my thoughts that paved the way for peace. I had only just […]