Unbalanced Mother love, I will not visit. You left my father. I feel unsteady. All my life, my young girl life, I wanted nothing so much as your freedom from his poisonous claws. I am 35. This altered scene, a family split –  the final stroke that felled the tender illusion that some things don’t […]

A Morning For Roses

A Morning For Roses It’s strange to meet November wearing September’s formal dresses Of liquid gold maples, rusty oaks and 70 degree days. Who knows why this season is thusly changed? I don’t complain. At any rate my garden explodes in rose blooms – one particular variety so fragrant it’s almost obscene. I only take a […]

Coffee Shop

5am on Mondays I wake to give 5.5 hours to the world. I tamp espresso grounds, percolate drip coffee, giggle with other baristas, burn myself on every hot surface. Regulars arrive and leave. First names attach themselves to faces. Empty hands are outfitted in cups. I’m still learning their particulars but I can nail a […]

I Lift Up Mine Eyes

They rise. Bastions of the Ohio Valley – Cliffs of impressive height with shoulders of limestone. Follicles of oak and maple, elm and ash extrude from their stony skin. Trees along each summit are  jagged crenelations shaping my sky.   One feels low here, far from the heavens, nestled in this geological fortress, safe in the embrace of […]

Kettle of Fish

Observing from a corner In our local coffee shop I overheard white-haired women Discussing a recent tragedy. He was a teacher in Carrolton. They were separated. He thought she had a lover. He went to her home at 3am. He stabbed her to death Then shot himself. “Pretty kettle of fish,” they said, As though this violent theft […]