One Path to Therapy…

  She travels to the cupboard and finds no pills to spare. Upstairs then she would wander and find there naught but stair. So into then the kitchen for an herbal remedy, But there again, no tincture that could ever comfort she. To the apothecary, to the druggist she marched fast. Could they perhaps procure for her the cure […]

Beneath the Stone

Depression is physical. I can’t out-think it. In a way  I have to surrender to its presence without submitting to it. I must forgive my mind for its detour from peace while  encouraging it to be present in its unease. I must exist without despair beneath the stone.     I am tender with myself […]

Peace I Sold For Bread

Shhhhhh… I’m looking for it. It’s in me somewhere. It has to be. I had a beat on it – I did. I found a way to move through the world gracefully. I found, by accident, a recipe for thinking. I found a filter  for my thoughts that paved the way for peace. I had only just […]

Blessed Unborn

Last winter I walked with my mother. There were cracks in my marriage or at least in my heart. I was staying with my sister five hours away from the epicenter of my pain.   We moved slowly, my mother and I, bound in boots and cumbersome coats. I described my discomfort through a magnifying glass, enlarging details while […]

Pins & Petals

My childhood inside my palm Is pins and petals mixed. There is sweetness in the fragrance there As long as I am fixed. But should perchance I startle Move too quickly, lose control Those poignant points of memories Impale that tender sole. So I must strive for constant peace Maintain internal calm To not disturb […]