INTERNAL MECHANISMS   I’m not particularly afflicted with altruism. I’m mostly self-absorbed; A picky sponge greedily saturated with my own feelings and existence. When others leak their emotions near me I harden and shrink from the contamination.   You see, as a child, I was drenched in the perceptions and pain of others. So full […]

S.A.D. October

S.A.D.  October Before I found this platform, Facebook was where I put a lot of my poetry and some of my journals. Today when I opened my FB page I found a FB memory at the top of my feed that was a journal entry from one year ago today. It was startling familiar. My […]

Mythical Fish: 1 Year Ago

I need to write. My computer crawled through updates before allowing me to begin. Goddamn technology and its plodding fallibility that I should be bound to wait on electrons and connections by a machine. I need to document the mood and inspiration when it besets me. I need immediate release when the chemical landscape in my brain is […]

An Evening Conversation With Myself About Nothing in Particular

An Evening Conversation With Myself About Nothing in Particular   Forewarning – I will not spellcheck most of this and certainly typos will abound. I don’t care – I just feel like talking/typing to capture the experience of this moment as I live it. I am writing now for the entertainment of following my own […]