Ripe With Love

Brake lights filter through a mist wet windshield turning the world into a pointillism painting.   Verbally abstinent, we ride in the metal womb of my sedan. His hand rests on my middle age thigh, a gesture more tender than sexual. We are growing older. And closer.   Our bodies tandem,  our minds isolated, the radio imports unfamiliar […]

What Happens in the Corner Cupboard

Eclectic clutter, Quirky knick knacks Clamoring quietly in close quarters. Heathcliff rants rhetorically against the sunny outlook of James Herriot. Tiffany finds the adventures of the Pevensie children patently stupid but holds her tongue. Thesaurus sleeps and drools synonyms into books below, An alliterative leak Pooling into the frustrated French dictionary who whines nasally at the […]