One Path to Therapy…

  She travels to the cupboard and finds no pills to spare. Upstairs then she would wander and find there naught but stair. So into then the kitchen for an herbal remedy, But there again, no tincture that could ever comfort she. To the apothecary, to the druggist she marched fast. Could they perhaps procure for her the cure […]

Kettle of Fish

Observing from a corner In our local coffee shop I overheard white-haired women Discussing a recent tragedy. He was a teacher in Carrolton. They were separated. He thought she had a lover. He went to her home at 3am. He stabbed her to death Then shot himself. “Pretty kettle of fish,” they said, As though this violent theft […]


Today I am a crow, onyx quills and hollow bones, beady eyes glistening in feral sockets, flashing from fetid heap to heap – a garbage grabber, reveling in rubbish, wrestling with the necrotic. Perhaps this is the reason for the schism within – an instinctual confusion, trapped between species, I’m limited by my log-like limbs, stuck in the wrong […]