Ripe With Love

Brake lights filter through a mist wet windshield turning the world into a pointillism painting.   Verbally abstinent, we ride in the metal womb of my sedan. His hand rests on my middle age thigh, a gesture more tender than sexual. We are growing older. And closer.   Our bodies tandem,  our minds isolated, the radio imports unfamiliar […]

Days lay down disconnected                 from                 one                   another – shuffled cards. No storyline or heroine here in February. All meaning less and less. Don’t know if it’s accumulation – heavy five month pile – dense, diminished days, diluted  light, warmth, that leached out of my marrows in time with the sky. I’m parchment dry, […]

Unbalanced Mother love, I will not visit. You left my father. I feel unsteady. All my life, my young girl life, I wanted nothing so much as your freedom from his poisonous claws. I am 35. This altered scene, a family split –  the final stroke that felled the tender illusion that some things don’t […]

An Evening Conversation With Myself About Nothing in Particular

An Evening Conversation With Myself About Nothing in Particular   Forewarning – I will not spellcheck most of this and certainly typos will abound. I don’t care – I just feel like talking/typing to capture the experience of this moment as I live it. I am writing now for the entertainment of following my own […]

Mermaid Out of Water

A sylphine little naiad Found herself upon the land. Why her pond was now a desert She just could not comprehend. She had never dealt in plastic, Neither purchased nor used gas. She had  no use for electric Being an aquatic lass. Greenhouse gases were a mystery. Climate change had been unknown. Till rising temperatures […]